Thursday, January 16, 2014

Green Hill Shrewsbury

Fortune Drive off Centech Blvd:
I saw this at the end of  a walk where I gave Green Hill a once over. I was not sure about this pile since it was isolated. Everything else I saw, as I circled the hill, could have been from farming. There were fields nearby and the whole place is very rocky.
So I do not know what to make of this type of pile:

Or these berms:
There is a lower berm parallel with the upper one, with walls and fields beyond.

Here was an interesting group of piles, hard to deny the ceremonialism:

This was under the power lines near the top:
And there were a couple of small piles next to the wall near the very highest place on the hill. Also a very low earthen berm parallel to the wall (not shown).
I came up from the southwest and went back down on the northeast, where the houses are closer. Ended up exiting via Fortune Dr. seeing one more mound. 

Green Hill - not a glamorous place but lots of things to look at.

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Unknown said...

Peter -
This new batch of sites is coming rather close to a major Late Archaic habitation site at which I worked for many years - Charlestown Meadows, located at the junction of Gleason and Fisher Sts. in Westboro.