Sunday, April 27, 2014

A few little sites on the southwest summits of South Manoosnoc

Went to take another look at the site I found a few weeks ago (see here) and found a few other little spots, although I missed the site I had planned to see. At first I climbed in from the road and saw some faint rock piles on the western side of the small summit (lower outlines). Faint traces:

Perhaps a prayer seat, through the fallen branches:
It is facing west.

I went around the north side of the summit, west-to-east, coming to a boulder filled gully and then returning, east-to-west. Saw this solitary pile on the way back (shown as the smallest blue outline above):

From the lower left blue outline, I continued a bit north along the hillside, thinking "this looks promising. After all there are rock piles in a very similar setting only a mile to north of here...". 
Such instincts are not arbitrary and I soon came to more rock piles. Suggesting outlines (Also facing west):
And piles with symmetries and hints of shape which are effigy-like:

High on a hill in Leominster and facing west is not the sort of place I would expect to find effigies but I am happy enough to find anthing up in this high, rocky place.

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