Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Camp Str - Final Vignettes

Continuing from here. Here is a small cluster of piles near a wall. These are clearly older than some others we have seen in this place:
Across the wall and they continue, up to the edge of the modern world:
Marker pile characteristics remain in force:
Then back down to a lower area, the remains of something, similar to the larger mound with manitou stone from the previous article:
Some other scenes:
I never pay as much attention to walls as I should. I lack the skills to study them.
Now we are south of Camp Street - what I would have seen if I had turned the other direction at the start of the walk. Probably more would be visible without the snow:
A fine place to explore, with a wide variety of different ages and styles of rock pile. Clearly this area south of Peppercorn Hill was an important place.

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