Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Southwest side of South Manoosnoc - Leominster

A couple weekends ago I thought the walking would be easy again out in Leominster, but I managed to find the only un-melted snow left and ended up slogging anyway. But it was a short mostly level walk through open woods, not too hard in any case:
I parked on Elm Str just above the entrance to Parmenter, and headed northwest into the woods following a wall. I think the dashed line on the map at A matches the wall, and so also the turn towards B. Only a few steps into the woods and there was a reward:
On the way to B, I saw a wall bulge and a few things in a breakout zone:
A bit  north of B I turned uphill northeast and crossed the summit to the point of seeing into the next little gully, turned back north and a bit west and followed the contour of the hill counter clockwise around. Facing north, this looked like a well placed boulder:

A bit further downhill was a saddle and flat place at C, where I saw a good sized rock pile under the snow:
I took several pictures but it was hard to see - a low white mound against a white background. Perhaps a little curved:
Nearby was what I took to be a house foundation:
Later on, I decided maybe not. From a different direction you can see an unexplained mounding to one side:
There were other structures there, underneath the snow, 
and I am going to have to go take another look.
I went over to the edge of the flat area and there was a boulder with a structure built against it. 

 It looked like a seat in the "corner".

 A wall came up from below headed for the boulder but stopping short by thirty feet.
From there, I headed back south, passing a couple other rock piles at the edge of this flat place:
An interesting spot.
The Manoosnocs are already known for their several mound sites. I was glad to add one more small and integrated site to the collection but I'd like to have another look without the snow.

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pwax said...

Went back last weekend via a different route and could not find the place. I'll have to try again. [I did find a couple of additional sites anyway.]