Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Above Minot Pratt's Spring

Walking east on the slope above Minot Pratt's Spring, and came to a small gully with a feeder brook coming in from left to right, and looked there for rock piles. There at the brow of the hill. And there were two small mounds. Here is one:
Note the pair of rocks in the foreground.

It is always nice and a bit embarrassing to find new piles in my own town. But this area is more complicated than meets the eye, over here between Punkatasett and the end of the paved part of Estabrook Rd. Here is a second mound, also in relation to a white rock:
Not much to see under the ferns. But it is a good sized pile.

And I saw nothing else right there. But walking around there was a house foundation someone marked with a modern rock pile next to the trail and, in a flat area uphill from the water, something I have seen before and made good note of this time:
Second rock to the right of the tree:
This is obviously a structure since it is an area with no rocks otherwise.

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