Thursday, May 29, 2014

Acton's Trail Through Time - Nashoba Brook

Here is the trail map you see upon parking at Wheeler Ln and walking down and across the bridge:
If you look closer:
You see little rock pile symbols. I have to say I am happy with how they groomed the place and a walk down the yellow trail is is a good introduction (see here for earlier discussion). See the quartz in the foreground?
New structure is revealed:
The grooming is aggressive:
Continuing down the yellow trail ... here is the money shot, another interpretive sign with the "Plantain" Grid:
If you click in, to read the numbers, you will see that 1,7, 8 are in a line more or less parallel with 2,6,11 and that 4,12 also define a line parallel to these others. Also the piles are more or less evenly spaced. So this is a reason to consider this a "grid". Years ago, only piles 1,4,6,8,12 were visible and they formed a parallelogram with a center point - there is a picture of it somewhere with one of my sons [or maybe not - I just noticed "Concord Lithics" is gone]. Nice to see the place cleaned up:
 Here are what they are calling "Plantain" Rattlesnake Orchids:
The place is on its way to being a Japanese garden. And that is very nice, But what was really exciting was the large rock pile I saw in the other direction, north from the bridge crossing rather than south of it - diagonally up the hill on the should of the flatter area:
Wait till they groom that! Probably the largest un-damaged stone mound in Acton. The crescent shape is familiar, especially from places north and west of here.

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