Friday, May 02, 2014

Jim P's video

[Promoted from comments by Jim P]
Years ago I created this video showing stone structures all over Southern New England. The soundtrack was provided by Generations Drum recorded by Ponkapoag and Natick bands.

I also created this website years ago with timelines, places, and more.


JimP said...

Thanks for sharing Peter. I posted it on this blog years ago but it's good for a new crop of visitors.

The credits at the end have the list of photographers involved. All photos were used with permission, and they include material from Rock Piles blog owner Peter Waksman himself, along with regulars like Larry Harrop, Bob Miner, James Gage, and myself. One additional image was provided by a man named Bill Ladd.

pwax said...

I always liked this video. It does a great job of showing the variety and of conveying the mystery.