Saturday, May 17, 2014


     I feel like it has been a good while now since I have found anything really nice. I'm in kind of a slump.
     Last week I didn't find a single thing; not for lack of trying, though.
     Two weeks ago I was out in the hot sun on a cloudless day. I looked for hours but came up with nothing in any of the spots I visited. With time running out I checked one last place but there were footprints everywhere, I assume from other arrowhead hunters. I went down to an area with less footprints, a low spot. I spotted this from far away. Easy to find.
     I could see that it was broken. I usually find only small quartz arrowheads in this place, this was a real surprise.
      Ugh... The break is patinated, this broke in ancient times. Probably I will never be lucky enough to find a whole one like this.
     I took this picture to give a sense of what this thing was and how much is missing. I still value this find a lot but have a hard time getting past that sense of "If only..."
     The material is a type of argillite or something like it, I think. I don't know this shape.

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