Friday, May 09, 2014

G.D. Loggers

I mean "god damned". The Leominster Historical Commission was alerted to the threat and, apparently, did nothing. The water department, I think supervising the logging at the south end of Mt Elam Rd, had no clue about historic protection. Finally the equipment gets larger and larger - capable of greater and greater damage. This time, they drove over stone walls, collapsed old water culverts, and erased details of the inner structure of several larger rectangular mounds. Burial disturbances, that's right! On the plus side, these rock piles are pretty robust and the site is still plain to see. On the other hand, details I could make out three years ago are gone today. Really!? Do they have to be such slobs?
This blog is not an organization, and I am not much of an activist. I cannot muster the weight of an organized membership. But why don't archeological societies and hiking groups pay a little attention to the need to communicate with the logging industry?
If you are in such an organization, please comment.

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