Thursday, September 11, 2014

A few more features on North Manoosnoc

On the walk diagonally up from the foot of Mt Elam Rd to the northwest summit, I saw several interesting features. Two short stretches of wall and some propped slabs. 
Here is one short stretch. The upper end is just out of sight:
The upper end:
Later, higher on the hill, an older one:
You see little bits and pieces of stone lying around. Like it was a quarry. How did the place get this grass?
In the background:
I was going to dismiss this as a fireplace:
But then I realized the effort of lifting that slab of rock would be quite out of proportion with the needs for a temporary fireplace on the side of a hill.
Back near the bottom of the hill, a rare pile with white rocks, an "albino" pile:
It is too bad the mountain laurel is thick around the foot of the hill but it is a darn nice walk up to the summit and back.

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Unknown said...

looks like a well to me...probably an old homestead...