Monday, September 08, 2014

Top of Juniper Hill, Ashby MA

Juniper Hill in northeastern Ashby is not easy to get to. But I figured a way to park across the border in Mason NH and get into the woods and walk back south to the hill. It was somewhat difficult going with mountain laurel, so I was pushed higher and did not get to explore the wet areas around the hill.
The summit is a typical Massachusetts hilltop. And I saw a small cluster of rock piles:
Here is one of them:
It is a bit suggestive of a prayer seat. Note the rock inside the "U" is white:
Sometimes I get the impression that a prayer seat has been blocked off, after use. The white rock here might have this role. [Update: For what it is worth,I thought white rocks amplify rather than block - making this a strange configuration].
Here is the other large pile a few feet away:
Note the large triangular rock. It is pointing in the direction of the first pile, which is the direction of the opening of the "U", as you can see in this next picture:
The stone walls are quit fine up there:


pwax said...

Our own little "Bannock Point", no?

Norman said...

Interesting site. Reminds me of a similar site in Hopkinton, RI, which has a large flat topped stone cairn and an oval petroform that may represent a turtle. Yes, it does remind one of Bannock Point in Canada.