Friday, September 05, 2014

Stone cultural features and ceremonial landscapes Roundtable

Corrected Date and Time:
 Saturday, November 8, 2014 - 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
     Please join us for another rousing Native American-Archaeology Round Table with outstanding presentations and panel discussions by New England professional archaeologists and Native American leadership.
     This year's Roundtable will explore stone cultural features and ceremonial sites/landscapes. Our diverse group of speakers will share their experiences and knowledge about this expansive category of cultural features. Until recently, stone cultural features have gone largely undocumented by cultural resource professionals while working in the field. The explicit goal is to introduce new information and elicit suggestions for how professional archaeologists can consider and record this variety of cultural resource in future investigations.

     Scheduled speakers and panelists include CT State Archaeologist Dr. Brian Jones; Rhode Island State Archaeologist Dr. Timothy Ives; CT State Historic Preservation Officer Daniel Forrest; Schaghticoke elder Trudie Richmond; Mohegan Deputy Tribal Historic Preservation Officer Elaine Thomas; Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Historic Preservation Officer Kathy Knowles; Mohegan elder Faith Davison; Eastern Pequot Vice-Chair Brenda Geer; authors and stone structure researchers James Gage and Mary Gage; Mohawk-Abenaki engineering consultant Donald Aubrey; archaeologists Dr. Greg Walwer and Dr. Curtiss Hoffman; and geographer Dr. William Ouimet.

   Held every year in autumn, the Archaeology Roundtable consists of presentations and panel discussions on a particular theme. Previous themes include Native Conflict; Peopling Of The New World; and Archaeology's Role & Responsibility In Contemporary Politics. Presenters and panelists include respected archaeologists and anthropologists, as well as prominent figures and leaders from the Native American community.
The Roundtable is a free event and audience participation is encouraged.

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Unknown said...

In addition to this round table, I will be giving a version of the same paper at the Massachusetts Archaeological Society's Annual Meeting on Saturday, October 11th. I will post the meeting schedule next week.