Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Sites in Hopkinton, Holliston, Millford, and vicinity, from Matthew Howes

(1) Some nice Propped Boulders from Wood Dr. in the Millville/Mendon area:

(2) Around the Miller Hill area in Holliston, behind Beatrice Ln. near the water-tower, is this propped boulder on hill-top.  It actually sits on top smaller stones, off the ground.  One might argue that from this angle it looks like (abstractly) the profile of a person, with the chin tilted upwards. 
There is also an indigenous quartz quarrying site on this hill also.
(3) Here is a cool site around the College Rock/ Upper Charles Trail area in Milford.  First pic is a quartz crystal incorporated into a cairn.  Also note the Native wall running up the ledge, and other works (cairns) seemed to be related to the horizon points making up the ledge.  The sixth picture seems to be a turtle effigy stone right at the end of a stone-wall terminating at a swamp, also note there is a verticle standing-stone slab on the wall behind the turtle.  Picture five also seems to be a turtle-like cairn.

(4) This site is from Hopkinton, off a side street of Wilson Rd. (which is off Rte. 135 near the Boston Marathon start).  There is a lot of infrastructure industry up this road (pipelines, water treatment plants, news tower, etc.), this site is nearby to a "Hopkinton LNG Corp." "property" but on public land.
Pic 1 I sent you is a cairn w/ quartz at the center-piece.

Pic 2 is a wedge/stone insertion between 2 boulders, which seemed to be part of an enclosure by a now (modern day) dried-up stream bed.

Pic 3 I sent is a rock-on rock w/ a standing stone incorporated.

The fourth pic I sent ("LNG 6") is a very powerfully-moving picture, I almost did not include it for this reason.  There is a lot to this simple picture- a broken pail bucket, a stone slab incorporated into this native wall as well as an effigy figure, and more.

The fifth pic is another cairn, and the last picture seems to be turtle-like, which was also incorporated into the stone wall in another section.  Enjoy!

(5) Here are some stuff from the Fairbanks Cons. Land in Holliston, part of  larger "Rocky Woods/ College Rock/ Vietnam Mountain Bike Trail" area (and now also "Upper Charles Trail"), which runs through parts of several towns.  Echo Lake area is also connected to this area, just a modern-day road breaking this up.
Pic 1 is the drum-stone.

So is the fourth pic, but this one is on a (now wooded) hill-top and looks to me to be a bird effigy.  Looking at this pic from different angles will help seeing this.
 Pic 2 and 3 I sent you are special boulders of placed interest.

(6)  Some scenes of the Ceremonial Stone Landscape over in Northbridge, along "Goat Hill", by the Blackstone River.

(7) At the Macomber Conservation Land in Framingham, on top of a small knoll is this split boulder with a  stone wedge inserted.  The location is near a spring that rolls down into a fresh lake.

(8) Another site in Hopkinton, off the scenic back road of Front St. this time.  The main feature here is a Serpent Wall.  I showed this site to several members of NEARA the other month, and it was determined the wall is oriented running along Magnetic North.  (To me the wall seems like it could be "mounded" but I could not get a second opinion on this.)  Also in these pics is a couple of cairns nearby, also off Front St. Enjoy!

(9)  Here is a site I took Curt to the other month- some conservation woods in Hopkinton off of North Mill St.  Since we were there last I have stumbled on to some other stone works in these woods.  I will include some of what Curt and I saw, and some new things also.
Pics 1 & 2 are of a very unusual rock pile, perhaps of an Algonquin deity which resided in this area, or an offering pile to this deity.  An anamoly in any case.
The next pic is a huge head-and-shoulders type Manitou stone, also note the perfect pre-colonial quarrying techniques and shaping of the boulder (angles) of the boulder behind it!
The next pic is a cairn, and there were plenty enough of those!  Then we have an erected Standing Stone that had been chipped out (possible markings.)  This reminded me of some of the Scandinavian-type stones that depict symbols (will include a link in your comments section.)  Also is an erratic wall that ran up a hill and the last pic is from another place nearby.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, you put up all 9 sites in one epic post.
I was thinking, that Pic #42 of this post (from North Mill location) bears a remarkable similarity (albeit worn out by time) to something like this:
Of course this is not to say that it is the same, just noting a striking similarity in style. After all, some say some of the chambers here bear resemblance to Irish/ other European mega-liths, which is true, but it doesn't mean they are Irish in origin, in my mind these works are 100% indigenous, First Nations, American Indian, Red Paint people, etc. To me some of the Standing Stones I see bear a resemblance to some of the Mongolian Standing Stones in their orientation. However this does not mean the Standing Stones I am referring to in the NorthEast are Mongolian. Rather, the pre-colonial culture of this area was very rich and sophisticated, more than has previously been credited for. I am not discounting diffusion-ism, however, who knows how extensive the trade networks of the Red Paint people were (maybe an untold part of the story of Solutreans?) and it is possible Scandinavians were in more places than just Newfoundland, they had a reputation as uncanny explorers.

-Matt Howes