Sunday, July 19, 2015

Echo Lake Stone Chamber/ Lodge Research

From Matt Howes:
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   My latest blog entry I have gone back to the unique structure found by Echo Lake, examining the structure's features, the history of the area, and other features which surround the structure.  Whether this structure itself is extremely old in it's origin or goes back to the late 19th/ early 20th century I cannot tell, as you will see from the blog entry.  But one thing is for sure- this is a very special structure located at a very special site location.  It deserves to be researched as an important site- if it is a more modern structure than it seems it would be indicative of a small group of Native people carrying on stone-building traditions into the late 19th/ early 20th century, in an area that would have been most significant to the ancestors of local Native people, an area that was hurt badly by the Milford Quarrying.  However most of the features around the structure seem to point to origins in a more remote past, it is just basically a confounding feature about the stone lodge itself, as you will see in the blog entry that throws the research of this site into a loop.  However, I have provided some possible explanations for this riddle, and it may take a forensic geologist to actually get to the bottom of it.  
    This site should not be dismissed because of this one "confounding" feature associated with the main structure itself.  In short it deserves the attention of being taken very seriously, and the site is just as significant as any site that has a Stone Chamber/ unique structures, etc.  Here is the link to my research, my latest blog entry-

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