Monday, July 27, 2015

Patch Hill Equinox Revisited

From Reader Russell M.:
This weekend I went back to Patch Hill looking for evidence of additional sighting stones. I placed a small orange cone on the proposed equinox stone. As I walked around small piles nothing struck me until I went farther back.  About 30 yards behind the stone is a stone row. The row runs parallel with the flat side of the marker stone. The wall has three very distinct platforms built into it. There about 8 or 9 peaks in the stone row. In the past I have photographed both the platforms and peaks.
When I got behind the wall it became clear that the marker stone could be seen from every peak. One of the peaks was directly behind the stone much like my orientation on the day of the equinox. 
But for the 2nd and 3rd growth reforestation it can also be seen from all the platforms. My guess is that it might have more celestial relevance than previous thought. Someone one with better orienteering skills than I might want to take a peek. Below you will find pictures of most of the peaks, the medium platform, and images that try to capture the orange cone as best my phone camera allows.


Unknown said...

beautiful rock formations..
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Tim MacSweeney said...

Very nice - interesting details in the rows of stones. I would have walked along until I found the Serpent's Head(s) I suspect may be in there somewhere, creating a gateway in. I was just thinking about that and posting here -