Saturday, July 04, 2015

Summer blog slowdown

Weekends, I'll be headed for the beach not the hills.


Tim MacSweeney said...

Headed to the shore today myself - and lately thinking about possible clam gardens in the NE (
- I came across this "Curious Monuments of the Simplest Kind: Shell
Midden Archaeology in Massachusetts"

I had just found something else describing circular or U-shaped middens, possibly a clue to a clam garden, shells instead of stones:

Tim MacSweeney said...

Footnote #5 (curious monuments pdf) mentions stones on a boulder, potential ceremonial stone landscape (page 31).

Norman said...

Interesting comments in that dissertation ("Curious Monuments of the Simplest Kind") , from page 31 to the end of the chapter. Worth having a link to it.

Tim MacSweeney said...

I found I couldn't just "cut and paste" from that Curious Paper, to take notes or create a post the "easy way." But it's very interesting with it's analogies to stone piles and structures - and also mentions Curt Hoffman.