Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Uktena/Great Horned Serpents

    There's a lot I'm pondering about Stone Uktenas, big and small, and Great Red Horned Serpents and the Three Tiered Worlds they travel through right now, waiting for the publication of a report that includes some Petrogylphs of the same that really tie in to what I'm thinking to really make it complete. So just for now, here's two pictures to compare, one from Peter in MA from 2008 and one from CT just yesterday:
   Hint: Think of "Bison-like" horns" as PWAX pointed out in 2008 in MA and I didn't see until yesterday at the end of a row of stones at a place I've been a regular visitor to since the early 1970's in CT. Norman Muller, Peter and I also once stopped at this very spot for just a little while back in 1998, by the way, the sound of the Upper Falls mixing with the sound the wind makes in the trees...

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