Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Rock piles along Witch Brook in Townsend

This is a small marker pile site down along the brook (what a great name "Witch Brook"). Throughout my walk, that started on Gilchrist, I saw discarded rocks.There are farms along there and most of the rocks did not form clear mounds so I ignored them. Got onto a bit of forest road, going down to the brook and I finally got away from the confusion, over to a more undisturbed area. I trusted these rock piles when I can across them. Somewhat of a grid, next to a brook. Blurry pictures under a heavy overcast:

 Small, rectangular, well disintegrated back into the soil

Quartz blaze:
Well buried piles in the ferns - a sort of "Angkor Wat" ideal
A final view:
I am not likely to get back to this spot. Just another small site, so common along our brooks. Note this site is on a slight slope, just before the brook comes out of a more level wetland.

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