Thursday, June 23, 2016

Shaped Rock from Northboro

Reader Christian C. writes:
I have been following your Blog for quite some time and find the subject very interesting. I live in Northboro Ma in quite a old home that is estimated from the 1800s, right next door is a original brick one room school house and my house is right at the bottom of a hill with a stream across the street. 

There are quite a few interesting rocks on my property as well as some unique features, stone ring, large circular pit, as well as some mounding shapes. The pictures I sent is of one particular rock that has a split in it, and what looks to me like could be a "face" and behind the rock is a long mound and the rock i attached pictures of looks to me as if it could be the visible "head" of this long buldge/mound. Past this rock there is another large rock almost acting as a gate, with then a third large rock about 10 feet past this. The rock with the face also has some white quartz on top and the sunset in almost a perfect alignment with the rocks/mound. 

The stones you see on top of the mound behind the split rock, I had put there since the area almost acts as a natural divider between the lawn area and the woods. Anyways I hope you find some of this interesting and if you find any interest in these and would like to see them in person I would be more than willing to have you come by. Thanks and appreciate the work you do with the blog, very interesting stuff. Thanks!

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