Thursday, June 23, 2016

Sudbury State Forest - Deerfoot Park

I went back to the place I posted about here in 2012 (there is a map) which is a place with rock piles built into the outcrops. I saw them again with slightly sharper eyes and still did not manage to take any good pictures. 
There are rock piles visible from Concord Rd but you have to get out of the car and go look at the outcrops. As I wrote before, most of the outcrops have added rocks piled on top of them, with more or less structure. They seem quite old. And the site is extremely similar to parts of Noon Hill. Let me point out three things I noticed: a rectangular pile right "below" an outcrop, a nice place to be between two fine old things, an arrangement of stone wall that was broken like a dashed line.

Here, note the smaller rectangular pile in the foreground.
Although there are lots of things on the outcrop behind, this pile is isolated. I was excited to see it and it reminded me of something at Noon Hill - where there are also piles built on outcrops.

A few minutes into my walk, I stepped uphill between two adjacent ridges of rock and saw this one on one side:
And this on the other:
Not the best pictures, here is a better a picture of the first - which is the largest and least disintegrated of the whole place:
The third thing I wanted to note was the "broken-dash" wall, that was near this pile and led towards a larger boulder.
Now there is too much light for good photos! Anyway, I noticed a flat faced satellite pile near this wall and those outcrops with mounds. I realized later that its flat face, was aligned in the same way as the wall:
Here we are looking towards the wall at this pile's flat face. You can make out the wall in the background:
I nice place. Only a few steps from the road, this site is very accessible.

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