Monday, June 06, 2016

Talking Walls

     Barely a third of the way through Matt Bua’s book “Talking Walls,” I’ll put this up as a first installment of a review of sorts. My wife ordered the book via Amazon for me and I include Matt’s note to her (Matt not knowing the book was actually for me). There will be more to come...

     Matt most importantly takes note that much of what is considered expert opinion regarding the origin of the undersized estimate of the quarter million miles of stonewalls in New England is actually more of a Stone Wall Myth based on negative evidence and a dearth of scientific investigation. 


pwax said...

I ordered it too. (~$25 + $5 handling)
Matt should have used this blog for adverstising. So I hope these posts do the trick. Let's all buy it!

Curtiss Hoffman said...

I've skimmed the book, and it's got some really good information in it, both from his own area and from his extensive historic research into stone wall sites. Well worth the price!