Monday, December 12, 2016

A couple of rock pile sites along Wilder Brook in Winchendon

I am not worried about vandals damaging these places. They are so far gone, who would spend sweat digging into them - with no hope of a find in sight?
The "almost nothing" from last week (click here) was located at the lower blue outline. And I mention it in the context of all these other "top of the ravine" places. This one was as beat up as the one from Townsend. I mention these particulars because they are recent not because they are unique.

The upper blue outline was a small marker pile site.

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pwax said...

It is too bad I do not have the "strength of my own convictions" otherwise I would have plotted a more careful course. I should have stayed on the topo line of the lower outline, and walked north or south.