Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Almost the middle of almost nowhere

A large stone mound along the side of a ridge:
 Another view:
That's laid up rock. But almost gone.
I wasn't sure why bother with a photo like this, looking down from the top:
I see now that it shows a 'notch' of some sort. 

Northernmost Gardner MA, west of the road and east of Wilder Bk.


pwax said...

I think that in northern Gardner we are well away from the coast, and imagine these Indians being cut off from the coastal ones. This is the Otter River and - check it out - it flows into the Connecticut. So actually, that puts the hills between Wilder Brook and the Whitman River in Ashburham as one of the shortest portages between the Connecticut and the Merrimac. Maybe it is not the "middle of nowhere" from that point of view. Anyway that is an old mound.

Tim MacSweeney said...

Good point about the "two headwaters," to borrow a phrase.