Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Another small marker pile site near Wilder Brook

I never described the northern of two site on the map (see here). At this location there was a couple of small "grids". Not much to say other than to express the pleasure of coming back from a walk with few finds, topping a knoll and seeing this:
Looking around, I saw even spacing between piles and how some were on the horizon:
We have seen these before in so many places, slightly triangular, vertical sided (the fresher ones), with occasional single pieces of quartz:
I could see a couple piles at the edge of this small group of marker piles. From their point of view there was a second group on the eastern side of the hill. Here are three in a row:
These were a bit more substantial. And one could also see pieces of burnt rock incorporated, as well as quartz.

As often is the case, one sensed a bit of "path" passing by these piles:

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