Friday, December 16, 2016

The Chicago Portage

This is sort of interesting:

The Chicago Portage is a water gap connecting the watersheds (BrE: drainage basins) and the navigable waterways of the Mississippi River and the Great Lakes. It cuts through the Valparaiso Moraine, crossing the Saint Lawrence River Divide that separates the Great Lakes and Gulf of St. Lawrence watersheds from the Gulf of Mexico watershed, making it one of the most strategic points in the interior of the North American continent

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pwax said...

I am saying there must have been a lot of archeology around Chicago and also that places like Northern Gardner, Boxboro/Harvard, and Concord are similarly strategic - on a smaller scale. All parts of the route from -say- Cape Cod to Yellowstone.

[Which reminds me of the old joke about ladies from Massachusetts discussing their trips to California. One says "I went via Springfield". The other says "Oh, I went via Fitchburg".]