Thursday, September 14, 2017

Field find

This picture (barely) shows two large male turkeys engaged in some kind of combat. I watched them circle each other and then briefly attack each other for several minutes. I had never seen such a thing. You will notice, on the right side of the picture, some areas where the grass is thin. It is very sandy in this place.
 I spotted something in one of the sandy patches where the grass grows sparse.
A nice one. Stark, I believe. Material is a bit unusual. More layered than the argillite tools I find. Slate, maybe. I found this back in May. I have had some other lucky days since my last post, but don't often have time to sit down at a computer. I will post some other finds soon.


pwax said...

I wonder if it could be mylenite.

Is the base intact? It is a beautiful point.

Chris Pittman said...

The material looks like argillite but is very layered. I am not sure what it is exactly. I think the base is the way it was made.