Friday, September 22, 2017

West of Caswell Rd - Fitchburg

I think this hill is called Dean Hill, based on the cemetery signs. This place is a bit featureless but similar enough to other nearby topographies to suggest exploring. There are a couple of brooks on the flat western side of the road I wanted to see and I wanted to walk south to north to get to the top of Laws Brook. I navigated successfully under an overcast sky seeing just one mound at the top of a faint ravine that may be where I marked on the map. I was doing some zig-zaging
So I am walking along and see this:
I did not get good pictures as the light was poor. But here we have it:
The usual thing, as I was writing a couple posts back.
There were one or two smaller piles to the side, across the ravine. Here we are looking back from there:

Overall this site layout reminds me of the layout at the big mound we saw last weekend in Princeton. Namely a larger rectangular mound on one side of a low place and smaller mounds across the way.

A view of the cemetery near where I parked: The Dean Hill Cemetery

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