Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Concord's Finest

Over Thanskgiving I got to take a walk with my son, here in Concord. Well this is Estabrook Woods and south of Boaz Brown's cellar hole - if you know where that is. I have blogged these places before but wanted to show my son some of the things in our home town. Some random shots:

If you love Concord, you'll wonder: where is that? I want to check it out. Well go downhill and right from Boaz Browns.
For what it is worth, Boaz Brown must have been a strange fellow. History records him as having married into one of the better-known Concord families but does not explain the proliferation of rock piles, mounds, short stone walls, etc. that surround the otherwise inconspicuous colonial cellar hole - remnants of Boaz's house.

A little east of Boaz Brown's on the south shoulder of the same landform, are my favorite pair of mounds in Concord. Rectangle's with hollows:
Note the identical architecture, with a "hollow" spilling out to the side like an 'entrance'.

Where there are burials for the aristocrats one also expects to see a burial for the common man:

And there is this famous "turtle" shell. Norman and I remember standing there with Steve Ells.
That was a while ago, and now I leave it to the younger generation to re-explore these places.

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