Thursday, December 28, 2017

Getting out of the woods

Managed to get lost extricating myself and the boys from the flat part between the summits of South Manoosnoc. With no sun, I had trended leftward until I was facing north and thinking it was south. However with a son's smart GPS and my compass, we managed to figure out how to go south until we hit the slope above the Haynes Reservoir.
While stumbling around, found this:
Then, as we headed down the ridge, we came across a gully choked with fallen trees and a wall crossing it from up slope to down slope. And there was clearly some kind of larger structure in there next to the wall:
And here are views uphill and downhill from the wall:

I'll try to check this out sometime when there is no snow. Those first valleys up from the water are worth a careful look.

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