Thursday, December 28, 2017

On the westernmost flanks of South Manoosnoc (Leominster)

Before the snow, I got out with two of my sons to do a traverse of the western flank of South Manoosnoc (in Leomister) - over to a secret place I know - the most obscure of the mound sites in that vicinity. Here was a small site I had not seen before, looks like a bit of ceremony at a water 'break out' zone.

Then we got over to the destination - with a crescent shaped mound:

Also, the interesting "enclosure" next to a boulder. It was clearer this time, that the short stretch of wall leading up to the boulder is in alignment with both an entrance and a gap between the main boulder and the vertical slab to the side, spalled off of it.:

Not much to see in the snow.

My sons pointed out a bit of iron on a nearby pile. 
 Brush off the snow and look closer:
We were discussing dates and this made it pretty clear this place was in use a hundred years or so ago. Not prehistoric.

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