Friday, February 16, 2007

Archeology photo blogs

I spend time looking for some archeology photo blogs I can link to for my readers. All I can find is third hand accounts: people reporting on what they read in an article which refers to work being done by someone else - archeologists. These blogs update - what - once or twice a week at most; and the archeologists themselves? They are not heard from. Too lazy I guess.

OK, well here is one: Ironbridge Archeology [Click here] - Runs towards pictures of girls and of trucks but at least there is one photo of a dig. Also check out their links to Bermuda Archeology Blog (also runs to pictures of girls digging and palm trees). Oh and also check out Coalbrookdale - some more pictures of digs, some pottery fragments, and girls in halter tops!

Great, here is one: Ohio Archeology Blog [Click here] I see ancient bones (not human), I see a dig, I see some material worth reading about Sacred Objects. I see old guys with magnifying glasses - finally this is almost what I was hoping to see. Articles like this "Interpretations of Several Low Mounds within Seip Earthworks, Ross County, Ohio".

Here is one with pictures from museums....we'll skip that.

Michigan archeology blog [Click here]

University of UTAH Archeology blog - Girls digging! [Link not provided].

I think we are seeing a pattern here and I am getting distracted from the original theme of this post. Apparently the border between archeology an photo-blogging exists but it is also near the boundary of porn. That's another story.

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