Friday, February 23, 2007

More from Google searching

This is suggestive too [Click here]
"Lake Wazeecha" - I am not sure where this is - perhaps the Great Lakes Region.

Lincoln National Forest [Click here]

Can't tell much about these [Click here] not even if they are in the USA.

This is interesting: "Part of this is superstition for those who believe it and most of it is about respect. Many see it as a cool activity to come along and build up rocks and call it a god or offering. To an old time native, it is disrespectful to mock the culture and gods in this way. It is also rediculous that anyone pile up rocks and call it an icon... So if you've done it, you've only accomplished making a fool out of yourself to the locals and disrespected the spirits that roam. Please don't be an ignoramous" [Click here] This is about Hawaii.

In the land of Ishi (northern CA?) [Click here]

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