Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Cairn magic

(Not rock pile related)

Carin of Power This spell is ideal for outdoor rituals. Perform it prior to any other stone rituals. For additional power during spells, select 10 or 20 small, round stones of approximately the same size. On the ground near where you will perform your magic, place the first stone. Say something like "a stone of power". Repeat this with the rest of your stones, gradually forming a triangular shaped pile of stones. You are fashioning a carin. As you place the last stone on top of the pile, say words such as " a carin of power" Now perform any magic. Such carins or stone piles seem to be collectors and reservoirs of power, and can help your magic. They can also be permanently placed inside your home or, with larger carins, outside on your property for protection.

- jksalescompany.com/My_Book_of_Shadows/StoneSpells.doc

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