Thursday, February 08, 2007

Wolf Rock - Carlisle, MA. From Tim Fohl

Tim writes:

There is an assemblage in Carlisle, MA at the Great Brook Farm State Park. It is quite well known in part but I believe the more subtle aspects are not known widely. It is called Wolf Rock supposedly because a den of wolves once lived there. Wolf associations are also code words for Indians and the area abuts Tophet Swamp, another code word. Tradition places Indian activities in Tophet Swamp. The site is located, appropriately enough, at the end of Wolf Rock Road. The structure itself consists of a sort of cave formed by three enormous rocks about fifteen feet high:
A person could easily be sheltered in the cavity. The less well known feature is a stone row with what looks like a snake head at the end. The nose of the "snake" points to the cavity as shown in the following two pictures:
The body of the "snake" goes about 300 feet and projects into a spring fed pond. The path of the of the body is shown in the aerial photograph below. Part of the body looks like a conventional wall but other parts definitely do not.As noted the "tail" projects into a pond about 10-15 feet. This section is shown in the following photo.There are a number of other interesting features in this area. I hope to survey them more thoroughly in the future.


JimP said...

Interesting site. I can confirm Tim's statement about wolf associations with Indians. There is a site in Exeter, RI that is also called Wolf Rock and it is a long-known sacred site for the Narragansett. It is tucked deeply away on private property and the landowners are extremely protective.

greatmuin said...

I have to say that your photo of Wolf rock and the snake's head has a nice Orb flying through it.Was this photo shot with a flash or no flash. If it wasn't you have a spiritual energy in the form of an Orb. Very cool photo.I would say this place is very sacred.