Monday, February 26, 2007

My favorite roadside attraction

This pile is visible on the right-hand side of Rt 2, heading east just after the height of land in Harvard, MA.In the background of the second photo you can see Rt 2 and also another white bump to the right rear. Although you cannot tell in the snow, nor can you see it from Rt 2, this second bump is a small auxilliary pile built on a rock. The main pile is not built on a rock.

I believe this pile is clearly ceremonial. It is made carefully from rocks 10-12'' across, shaped as an elongated mound, and juxtaposed with another smaller rock pile. Located near the height of land, it is possible this pile is visible from a distance.

I photo'd this on Saturday before I went out exploring. I figured since I would probably not find anything, at least I could take a picture of this old favorite. You have quite a hard time seeing it from Rt 2 and it requires practice. Don't expect to see it the first time you pass.

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Anonymous said...

If this is the one just before the Rt. 110 exit...I took note of it this morning. I've driven by hundreds of times. Thanks for pointing it out.