Thursday, November 22, 2007

Bob Miner's Photo Galleries

by JimP
Just a heads-up for anyone who has missed them. You all know about Larry Harrop's awesome photo galleries. Larry Harrop is also hosting galleries of photographs taken by Bob Miner as the two of them explore Southern New England. Bob has amassed a respectable collection so far. Check 'em out!

[CLICK HERE] to visit Bob Miner's photo galleries.
The photo above of a propped boulder was taken by Bob Miner in Rockville, RI. Peter Waksman has actually seen that propped boulder in person, albeit from a distance.


Larry Harrop said...

This boulder is on an outcrop surrounded by rock piles and some nice cairns on top including a small turtle cairn. In the winter after the leaves fall, there is a really nice view of a large pond.The boulder has 5 drill holes but the boulder was never split. Why did somebody walk away from their hard work before it was finished?

pwax said...

Bruce McAleer showed me the site a year or two ago. Between this boulder and the highway there was a low area with bumps and several different rock pile sites. I also remember examples of short walls going up a slope some distance from each other but parallel to each other.

JimP said...

Bruce was there, but it was me who showed you the site. It was the last place we went after your visit to the Miner Farm.

pwax said...

Yes I remember going several places with you on the day we went to the Miner Farm. But nonetheless Bruce did take me to site which I thought was in Rockville a year or so before that. I'll have to ask him about it since I thought that propped boulder was from that earlier day with Bruce.

JimP said...

We actually went to only two places that day -- Miner Farm and Rockville. I pointed out that propped boulder to both of you as we made our way up the trail.

Now NEARA had documented Rockville back in the late 80's, but it was labeled as some sort of Earth/Mother Goddess thing with some reference to H. P. Lovecraft. I never did get to read that article. Anyone have it?

pwax said...

OK, it is 2 different places.