Thursday, November 08, 2007

Canid buried under cairn

"Stratum 2, about four feet thick, contains a variety of lanceolate and stemmed projectile points of Early through Middle Archaic complexes. Two significant finds of the 1966 season were made in the lowermost levels or stratum 2. Parts of a human burial which appeared to have been disturbed at a later time, may be one of the earliest burials in the Ozark Highlands. A suggested date, based on associated Early Archaic projectile points, is about 7000-5000 B.C. Nearby, but somewhat higher in the fill, was a canid burial which had been placed beneath a small stone cairn. No artifacts were directly associated with the cairn, but its occurrence in one of the low-est levels of Stratum 2 prompts the speculation that this burial may be one of the earlier instances of canid domestication in North America."

From Hickory County Missouri Mastodons

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Geophile said...

Well, this is a reason for rock piles that we never thought of--pet cemeteries.