Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A small platform pile on Nagog Hill, Acton MA

This rock pile is somewhere between square and pentagonal. It is about 12 feet across and might have had a flat, or slightly domed, upper surface. To me, it looks vandalized - with a hole dug into it. Nagog Hill is a place with so many different kinds of rock piles I do not get a sense of consistency. This is nothing like the large pile I showed the other day, nor like the "graves" and supported piles I showed a moment ago. This pile is isolated but not far from lots of other intersting piles but this is the only one of its kind I am aware of on this hill. It reminds me a bit of the piles I saw down in Weston. [I hope to someday go back over these records and look for some consistent patterns of pile types and locations. Where are piles like this found?]Here is a little video:

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Geophile said...

That pile in the video is different from anything I've seen.