Friday, November 23, 2007

Cairns and Stone Circles threatened by mining plan in North Dakota

"Coteau's mining plan does take steps to balance cultural resources against the rights of the minerals owners to have their coal mined. Coteau will mine around some 15 cultural sites, which include multiple features and are eligible for listing on the National Historic Register.

Once reclamation is completed around those sites -- years from now -- the approximate 1,700 acres will be preserved in a first-ever perpetual land trust. Cultural features that will be preserved include 327 stone rings, 93 stone cairns, 11 stone alignments, a turtle effigy and an unmarked burial.
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Geophile said...

Amazing that some of this will be preserved. Would that such things would happen here!

pwax said...

A few things are getting preserved around here. In Carlisle the rock piles have been preserved in a couple places. Also in Acton. We are waiting to hear about North Smithfield RI but it seems clear that the rock piles there are the primary reason for the preservation vs developer fight. Now in Stow MA, a fight is starting over a very important little site. I hope to be reporting on it later when the strategy includes letting the developer know that there is a fight.