Monday, November 19, 2007

Stone House

A reader writes in from his blog at

I reclaim and salvage stone before it goes to waste. I come across many things in the woods!

Here is one example of a stone I found in Charlton. I bet this caught the attention of any passer-by.


pwax said...

It leads to the question: how did the rock get to be broken that way?

Stone of New England said...

The rock is split in about 6 places.

Each split is through the entire stone.

This stone is scheduled to be bulldozed over in the next 12-18 months to make room for asphalt.

We are going to attempt to document and rebuild this entire piece from the ground up.

We will make every attempt to salvage this beautiful piece.

It's easy to imagine so many things when your standing by it, alone, in the woods.

Imagine the sanctuary this stone once was.