Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Anatomy of a Concord Grape

When I was young, I rejected the Concord grape as a food because the skin is so tough and sour and the seeds are so hard to extract from that inner globule. But coming back from a walk along the road I smelled that spicy grape smell and being thirsty and whatall I picked some and figured out a good way to eat them that solves those problems.

1) You bite into it and the skin comes off and the inner globule squeezes to the side.
2) The jam stays with the skin and you chew them hard enough to get the jam but not so hard as to to get the sour. Then you spit out the skin. That is a key step - getting that tough piece of skin out of the picture.
3) It turns out the inner globule has a hole in it, or a weak place, such that if you suck directly on that spot, the seeds come popping out. The trick is to find this weak place. [Maybe where the stem is attached to the grape, but I did not confirm it.] After extracting the seeds this way you spit them out.
4) You chew and swallow what is left of the inner globule.

It is also fun that each different grape bush along the road has its own flavor and sweetness variation. The apples are also nice at this time of year.

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pwax said...

That was on Peach Hill Berlin