Saturday, September 19, 2009

Another Uktena?

While lost under the direction-less overcast sky, at the Flagg Hill Conservation Land in Stowe, I finally stumbled across some familiar looking rock piles and was able to orient myself and get back back out in the right direction. While I was at this familiar site, I visited my favorite pile in there which, in the past, I thought was like a turtle. I remember looking at this with Dan Boudillion years ago. But I see more today than I did in the past, and noticed the ligher quartz rock behind the "head" This is a lot like the "Horned Creature" without the horns. See for example the discussion of Uktena here (scroll down). Here is a closeup: And a nearby companion pile: I think there is significance to that. This is a pattern I have seen three times: here, in Westford, and maybe also here.


Anonymous said...

This wall on could also be interpreted as a horned creature.

pwax said...


Tim MacSweeney said...

2nd photo certainly shows the "diamond;" would there be a heart shaped stone beneath the 7th scale as the legend says?