Monday, September 28, 2009

Serpent Mounds of Stone

A short stretch of stone wall ending with a large "head" boulder, looks like a serpent, and may have been made to represent one. Since Larry Harrop posted a nice example, Tim MacSweeney located pictures of another, and I found a few examples from my area. So how about a comparison?
Here is a "serpent mound" from Sarah Doublet forest in Littleton, originally made famous by John Hanson Mitchell in the book "Tresspassing". The "head" is to the right. Here is a closeup:
Here is one from Tyngsboro:
Here is one from Michael Hoye (via Tim MacSweeney) (I think this is the Breakneck Brook Wildlife Management area):
And here, again, is Larry's photo:


Larry Harrop said...
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Larry Harrop said...

Here's another one in Rhode Island

And a close up

Tim MacSweeney said...

This has really got me re-thinking alot of things I thought I thought.
And blogging about too at "Waking Up."