Thursday, September 10, 2009

Effigy in a stone wall

FFC and I took a walk on Nagog Hill where there are lots of rock piles and other hints of use. If it were not for that, I would not have credited this structure in a stone wall as being anything more than a coincidence in its similarity to some effigies I have seen (see here.) But in the context of this hill (which has several female effigies at one place) I think it is more believable.

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JimP said...

Anytime I see one of these effigies that you post, I can't help but remember the creation story that Roger Williams related from the Narragansett - "Cautantowwit made one man and woman of a stone, which disliking, he broke them in pieces, and made another man and woman of a tree, which were the fountains of all mankind."

It's almost as if these effigies symbolize the reassembly of the pieces that Cautantowwit broke apart -- or perhaps Williams's understanding of what he was witnessing.