Saturday, September 19, 2009

Around the Horse Farm - Nagog Hill Rd Acton

Went for a walk with FFC beyond the back of the horse farm into the Nagog Hill Conservation Land. Stuff all over the place back in there. So you step out of the field, across the stone wall, into the woods, and see a scruffy thing or two.....down into a little valley, the first hints of rock piles:and plenty of ambiguity as to the nature of the piles, of which there is quite a variety in there:Here is FFC looking at the remnants:We have just come down the hill shown to the left in the picture. But following the rock piles and the clues, led back up the valley till we were only a few yards from the field where we started.

The gem of this walk was a little marker pile site, no more than 20 yards across, on a little knoll directly behind the back field of the horse farm. A couple of views:
These piles were more or less evenly spaced and in lines. Here, FFC stands over a pile in line with the two others in the foreground:The spacing was about 9 paces between adjacent piles. Funny that ~9 paces and ~13 paces are such common pile spacings. Nice to know that there is another simple marker pile site in my neighborhood. If you look at the wider angle photos above, I took them standing on another small knoll directly next to the one with the rock piles. I was attempting to find a place where I could stand and see all the piles at the same time. I felt that was possible from this other little knoll, so that we could look at the piles towards the west over a near horizon, with the open field in the background today.

Some of the individual piles:
I want to say I am seeing a more prominent rock poking out the top of some of these piles but with there general state of dishevelment it could be a coincidence.

After this we went back down hill and it seemed that every small knoll in there had a few rock piles on it. And we explored around, in places we have been before, enjoying some of the other sites (or sights).I have said it before, and I do not think anyone believes me, but: most of these rock pile sites are marker pile sites.

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