Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Back to the Triple

Rob Buchanan writes:
To escape a case of creeping cabin fever and the excesses of the holiday season I decided to head out into the cold rain on Sunday morning.

I planned to take some winter images of a couple of the more spectacular stone structures in the Wiccopee area on Putnam County NY.

I had been to the area many times and had shown Norman Muller some of the sites.

Norman recorded his observations here: http://rock-piles.com/fahnestock/index.html

The central feature is a huge boulder that has been split in two directions. The main split is in an E - W direction. There is a smaller secondary split in a N- S direction. At the E end of the E-W split there is a rectangular platform which is 3 - 4' high at its highest.

Looking generally N. Showing platform.

Looking generally W. Showing platform at the E end of the E-W split.

The platform forms the E end of stones that fill the entire E - W split. This remarkable stone fill is more evident when looking into the W end of the split.

There are many other features near The Triple. Some are described in Norman's web article. Here are some more.

A U-Shaped structure on the flat hill top to the E of The Triple.

A split boulder about 20yds E of the Triple. The boulder also has two splits (E-W & N-S) and both are filled.

A split filled boulder about 10 yds SE of The Triple.

On my way back I came across another interesting looking boulder but didn't have the time to do more than take a quick picture.

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pwax said...

Great photos, especially with the fog.