Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Aaah....rock piles!

I have a new commute that takes me up a stretch of interstate 93 and the day before the snow came and shut down the season, I thought I spotted a rock pile next to the road. All winter I have been glancing at that spot as I pass and wondering if there was a rock pile underneath a certain white bump. Well, it finally melted out and I could see it was a bare rock. But today I examined an adjacent bump and, sure enough, rock pile is starting to show. Great!

This re-enforces the idea that rock piles are common. I mean - really - there is still a lot of snow on the ground and it is a short stretch of highway overall.
If you travel Rt 93 south towards Boston and feel like trying to spot this rock pile, it is on the right side just past the sign to exit on Concord Rd. There is an "Adopt a Highway" sign and immediately after that you pass an older farm building on the right. Between the "Adopt a Highway" and the building there is a rock pile. Maybe I will bring a camera to work and stop briefly in the breakdown lane on the way home.

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