Monday, March 07, 2011

Spring by Boulders with Stones

On the way back home from my ramble up the steep hill to the out crop and that zigzag I posted just the other day, I happened to notice that a spring that I had not noticed before had melted out of the snow cover and was now trying to flow (toward the basement of my neighbor John's house probably).
A little bit of map and a not to scale and probably inaccurate drawing (ah! I'll give it a rough field sketch designation!) that might give you the feel at least of how this sort of looks. Those of you with photographic memories will say: "Hey! You posted about this in March 2008!" There should be a dot below the red line of the highway and to the left of the dashed line of the power lines to show where the boulders and stones are...
Anyone detect any signs of possible human enhancement on this stone also featured back in '08?
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pwax said...

I see it! Also in the background of the 2nd photo, there is another.