Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mound with Hollow and knoll with smeared ground piles - site B at Sawyer Hill/Gates Pond

With reference to the map here.

The day after finding the site with the interesting geology (see here) I went back to take a closer look at parts of the conservation land back there at the end of Taylor Rd - at the "Gates Pond Reservoir". I walked counter clockwise around the Pond until I saw a split wedged rock on the right and then a rock pile on the left. This is up near the northwestern corner here:I hoped to find something nice like a rock pile with a hollow, and this looked like a good candidate:But before I even got over there, the adjacent knoll had one smeared pile after another.In the end, I think these smeared out piles are marker piles.

Looking back from the knoll towards the first pile:

When I went to look at it, it did have a hollow. Not that surprising because Berlin MA is on a corridor extending south from Wachusett through Clinton and this town then down into Hopkinton, of "mounds with hollow" that does not so densely manifested north of Berlin on 495. But this is a small such mound and it is hard to disassociate it from the smeared piles on the adjacent knoll - or for that matter the split-wedged rock with the letterbox in it from the other side of the road.
This pile has a neighbor of some sort closer to the water. You can see it in the background a couple pictures back, here it is directly:
Not only are these mound small, they are built on boulders. It is worth noticing this mound sub-type occurring in combination with marker piles.

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