Friday, March 04, 2011

Overlook Mountain site in the news

Theseventhgeneration writes:

There is an article in a Hudson Valley paper (Daily Freeman) today about the Overlook Mountain site. Here is the link:


pwax said...

I don't know how people can imagine that ancient stonework in America was made by someone other than ancient people in America. A people we call "the ancestors of today's Native Americans".

The proposition that European visitors created stonework but are not Native American requires us to suppose those Europeans disappeared afterward leaving America or dying out.

Geophile said...

I agree. There could be some far northern European blood mixed in with native Americans, but that is part of the mixture of who the indigenous people are, and it is the indigenous people who built the sites.

Norman said...

Ever notice how these ideas move in cycles? We go through a period of craziness, when half baked ideas come to the fore, and then there will be a return to rationalism, followed by a downturn. We seem to be in one of these downturns, meaning away from rationalism.